Saturday, October 6, 2012


Welcome to my corner of the world wide web. Here I get to share time with my family and friends! I have been blessed with a loving, interesting and full life. The best of it all is, that it keeps getting better! 
A Little About Me
I am very thankful for all the great people in my life, not least my 3 great kids... the true joys of my life :) San, Svend & Anne-Marie!

I have a typical old New England House with lots of space and a peaceful. I have great neighbors and live in a nice area of my town. There is a great garden space where my friend Carl has built 5 raised gardens in order to pamper my back. We also have built a great vineyard and we are making our own wine and also supplying my daughter with grapes for her famous grape jelly. She is as successful at this, as my mother was. I never thought I would ever fulfill my dream of owning my own home, but Svend kept his eyes open for possibilities and found this great property for me. Thank you for that Svend. We heat the house with wood in the winter and are working on providing our hot water with a solar water system. This is a happy home, it keeps us busy healthy and provide us with a great amount of green food in season and for the freezer.

There is much more to come on my little corner of the world wide web , so please come back soon :) AND check out the great books on my amazon store! >>